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Artventure is a mobile app service that features AR capabilities to help cultivate a love for the arts among the public. It encourages people to learn more about and interact with public art installations, as well as vote on and curate future public art projects. Artventure also helps artists and art commissions with collecting public opinions and raising funds for upcoming art projects.


Design a service for general public to be more involved in the public art creation process.


Secondary and primary research—system mapping—synthesis —storyboarding—ideation—prototype—user testing—branding—video production


Yuan Gao

Yang Hong

Michael Sawyer

Julie Lee

My role

Design research 

Concept development

UI &UX design for App

Video production


Adobe XD




12 weeks


We started from the secondary research about the topic area; then we conducted qualitative interviews with 6 public artists and went to 5 different art sites to conducted 13 intercept interviews. After that, we sent out questionnaires to the general public and received 35 responses.

Secondary research

Through our secondary research, we hypothesized that people feel positive toward public art, and that the city provides adequate monetary support to champion it.


Primary research & Findings

We found the general public has a positive attitude toward public art, but they don't typically pay particular attention to art pieces and their interaction with public art is very minimal.

8 slides

For individual public art makers, the process of completing a public art project can take very long because of funding and legal factors. 

We did a ecosystem map to see what elements are involved. Three main phases were identified here: planning, creation and the exhibition of a public art project. Each circle was divided into 3 main categories (from inner circle to outer circle): actors (people who are involved in the process), factors (things actors will consider) and activities (things actors will do in a particular phase).


Archetypes & Experience maps

We identified two types of archetypes and mapped out both the experience for creators and viewers to better understand the design direction.

Based on our research, we found an opportunity area…

How might we aid the creation process and increase the awareness of public art?


However, through our 19 interviews with public art creators and people in the vicinity of public art installations...



Using our insights from research, as a group, we used concept ideation form to help us generate ideas for each stage. We filled out concept cards related to different phases and needs in public art. We At the end, we synthesized them into similar groups and selected the idea that best stood out.


Storyboarding & Evaluative research

We quickly picked a few directions and turned them into stories to show our user case. We picked AR as our main direction since it's an emerging technology and we hypothesized that people are generally curious and willing to play and interact with it.( from Pokemon go). 

Public Art_story board.png

Service blueprint

Then we ran 4 evaluative interview with potential users to test desirability by using storyboard. 

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Questions for evaluative research_Amy .j
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A service blueprint was created to identify the physical touch points, define what the users would interact with, and what components were "behind-the-scenes."

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Blueprint_service design (2).jpg

Wireframes in process

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Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.41.27.png

Usability testing

We did 3 rounds of testing with 8 people in total to test the usability of the app and users' understanding of AR. 


4. Final design & Prototypes

Key Features

Discover stories behind art pieces

The information of an public art is unfolded when the AR camera recognizes the art piece.

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Share your opinions on the art piece with the community

On site, you can post 3D stickers on an artwork and view others’ sticker contributions through the app. 

Donate toward an upcoming project and get reward

You can support an upcoming art project by donating just a small amount. Small amount can make a big difference! You’ll also get an reward afterwards.

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Mockup 6 Copy 5.jpg

Preview and vote for pending art pieces on location

 On site, you can browse the 3D models of pending art pieces through AR camera and vote for your favorite piece. Your opinion matters!

Start exploring with designated routes

Artventure offers walkable routes for those who would love to have an easy exploration and a quality adventure.

Mockup 6 Copy.png

Clickable prototype

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.45.52.png

Physical prototype

Stickers on location.

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