Process post (week 5-6)

Findings through further primary interviews

This week, with my rough prototype, I interviewed 2 prospective students to how they would prefer to interact with the current student. I found that when interact with current students, prospective students usually don't know what to ask at the beginning. Hints to construct questions are needed. I thought about the possibility of giving prompts to the students. 

Here're some prompts I organized. 

About majors:

educational experience

  • What is the school curriculum like?

  • What is its focus? What's the general teaching style like?

About post graduation

  • What kind of jobs would you looking for after graduation based on your major? What skills are needed for those jobs? Who will you collaborate with?

  • What plans do you have after graduation? why?(work or graduate school?)

  • For graduate school, what major/school would you consider and why?

  • Job market both in China and for abroad market

About schools:

  • What resources do the school provide? How often do you utilize those resources? (student organizations, ecdemic resources...)

  • What resources do the school provide for this specific major?

  • What's the vibe like among students? school? (teaching styles)

  • How's school facilities like?

  • What school did you applied and why do you pick this one?



About application prep:

  • What materials have you prepared during applicaiton?

  • Advice before starting college