Yuan Gao


I always start my projects with a humble mindset. I would gather information from qualitative research and quantitative research to learn the problem space and people's needs. While designing, I always seek to validate the rationale behind every design choice.  Functionality and usability are always before the visual. 

Design process


Having a strong sense of empathy, I aspire design to meet people's needs and bring people security and happiness through iterative design based on human-centered research. I believe good design will influence people in a positive way, bring a sense of comfort and help to reach their highest potential. 


My Statement 


Hello! I'm Yuan, I’m currently a third-year Interaction Design BFA student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. 


My works


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A safer diving community and  experience for all divers. 

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Reimagine our relationship with community-based public art

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Potrero Families

Research on community engagement of recently immigrated families in Potrero Hill