Post 1: What do I want to get out of this project

- What you want to get out of this project/semester/year?

This year will be my last year at CCA. For my senior project, I want to explore the topic that I liked but rarely have a chance to, for example like games, also because I might will go into this industry after graduation. For this semester, I optimize for learning and enjoyment. I wish we could learn more about the industry trend and technology.

- What skills do you want to enhance or develop?

Over this project, I want to enhance the skill to analyze data, apply data and also the soft skills to work with others. Meanwhile, I wish to develop the ability to make a playable game and apply UX skills during the process. 

- What does a successful project look like to you?

A successful project should be a functional project and have performance data at the backend if possible.

- What are you concerned about?
My concern will be if I have enough time and resources to develop enough skills to make a functional demo.  I'm also concerned about pivoting during the later process.