Process post: early ideation exploration

1. 5 idea sheets

2. Photos of the ideation process

3. My choices of concept direction and why I selected it

I chose to pick the game direction because this might be my last chance to freely explore things that I'm interested in. 




4. Next steps in my research

Step 1: search for game making tools/engines

Step 2: search different game genre and evaluate what is actionable for my thesis project

Step 3: decide game genre and collecting data around my main topic through web crawling, game review sites, available report online and expert interviews

Step 4: distribute survey for further analysis

Step 5: gather insights and start to ideate


5. What was the process like?

From the in-class exercise, I learned a fast way to ideate and explore different possibilities. What surprised me is that although sometimes the combination was completely random and unrelated, it may inspire me for another idea. What I would do differently is that I would increase the number of keywords and slow down a bit during the process, not making the process robotic.


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