Process post (week 11-12)

This week, I did more interview with potential users, started my new mobile prototype and started my draft script. 

Script draft 

Different from the Chinese educational system which only allows students to pick schools and majors after their national exam score’s been released, Chinese students who will apply to colleges abroad will have to decide schools and majors much early on during the application season. 


Chi is a year 11 student studying in a high school in China.


Before application season, he did not thought about which school and major he’ll be interested in. Based on his current standard test scores and interests, He searches on school’s official websites and all other forums where people share their application experiences. The whole process was time consuming as the information is scattered across from many websites, and often missing the critical information or not posted by the one who actually experience it. He also wants to chat with real current students to know the experience further but finds he could not find the right person within his network. 


How might we help prospective Chinese students like Chi with school/major selection process when there’s no systematic first hand information within short period of time?


XuanXiao may help. 


XuanXiao is a school/major picking platform for Chinese prospective students to gain first hand and holistic information. 


Through this platform, prospective Chinese students can connect with current students for remote school tours and live chat to ask questions. 


They can get a sense of what the daily life and school life really like through various prompts and posts posted by current students. 


Through the community forum, they can join specific community and connect with possible future peers, or even start a live chat. 


With the help of XuanXiao, Chi has a general idea about what schools and majors he’ll apply for during the application season. 

New Prototype working in progress