Process post (week 13-14)

For this week,  I refined my script and started to worked on my rough cut product video. Here's my script in progress. 

Script (2nd version)

Today, Let's talk about a project about school selection for Chinese international students.


For many Chinese international students, it’s often hard to find unbiased and complete information when applying to schools abroad. 


This is because information online is scattered and often incomplete. Let’s look at what options a student has… School official websites provide a lot of information but tend to advertise themselves more than offer a real sense of impression. While students can pay thousands of dollars to  private counselors from educational agencies, they still receive skewed information  to students for the counselors’ benefits. The only last option is to find reliable posts on different forums and websites, but that usually requires lots of time. 


As you can see, prospective students currently face information inequalities.


With this in mind, I propose a very near possible future with UniPortal, where information inequality can be reduced.


UniPortal is an app for Chinese international students to find first-hand information about schools, and living abroad, to help with the school selection process.


Through this platform, prospective students can hear from the current students in that school. 

UniPortal can even connect current and prospective students based on their goals, interests, educational backgrounds, and communities through voice calls! Prospective students can schedule appointments to clarify their doubts...about academics, applications, school facilities, the surrounding neighborhood, housing, catering, and even internships!


If not in a hurry, they can post in the community forums to collect a variety of opinions from current students. Meanwhile, through viewing various posts, students can quickly gain a real impression about the college experience to realize if the school is as advertised or best matches them. 


Meanwhile, they can connect with new friends from the school before making the final decision or before leaving China.


Illuminate your path to college: access complete and first hand information with UniPortal.

Rough Cut: