Process post (week 4-5)

Plan for next rubric review:

This week, I made plans for my next prototype:


1. A list of the questions you want to ask with your prototypes.
-How to build trust between potential students and current students? What kind of information
does current student need to show to gain trust from potential student? How can this platform
build trust for potential/current students to use the platform?
-What informations will the potential students need to decide who to consult with? And what
information will the current student need to feel safely while providing the services?
-How to provide a range of not biased experiences that give a holistic impressions about student
life? (through live streaming)
-What format should it be? Should the material be viewed by others as well or keep it private?

2. A description of how you intend to make, assemble, prepare your prototypes.
WeChat voice call/video call

3. A description of how you intend to test your prototypes - with whom, where, when.
With potential students who want to attend CCA