Progress Documentation (2nd Rubric Review) (week 9-10)

Problem Statement

Chinese international students lack effective information to make decisions about schools and majors for college application. 

How Might We Question

How might we provide first-hand information systematically to prospective Chinese students to help with school/major selection process during application through a platform? 


A platform to help prospective Chinese students with program and school selection by bridging current Chinese international students with them. Prospective students can search general school information, connect with current students, have remote campus tours and know more about the experience through various prompt.  

Previous Prototype

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 3.07.07 AM.png

Information Architecture 

XuanXiao (web).jpg

User Testing Feedbacks

Participant 1

  • "I actually do not know how to and what to talk with the upperclassmates/ current students since I don't have a general understanding of the major/program." (provide prompts to talk with current students & let current students provide topics)

  • Would like to participate in the official open house campus tour.

Participant 2

  • Confused by student body size on sign up page

  • Not sure if test score is necessary or others can view the score

  • Only current students would need to upload ID not future students

  • Needs filter for current students page

  • "It can help students to understand what it's like from student's perspective. (Cultural probe page)

Participant 3

  • The test score step should be optional

  • Should add ID verification for future student as well to ensure the safety of current students

  • Confused by the connect with current students page ( add title: connect with current student)

  • Need filter to select which current student to talk to ( add key words filter)

  • Prefer web over app since he usually uses computer for school application

Participant 4

  • " Would like to have more personalized information."

  • Confused by the button "add prompts" ( change to start a prompt)

  • Would like to see prompts which are specific to one school instead of general prompts ( view prompts under one specific school page)

  • Prefer web over app to view informations as all the application materials are stored in his computer

Current Prototype

Home page

Students can search school/ major/ program in the search bar and take college quiz. 

MacBook Pro - 16.jpg

Sign up page

Students can sign up/log in through Wechat. During the sign up process, future students will input their school preference, standard test score (optional) and basic information. 

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MacBook Pro - 43.jpg
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MacBook Pro - 46.jpg

College search page & Specific school page

On the college search page, students can use filter to select schools which meet their needs.  Clicking into the specific school page, students can view the general school information, connect with current students and view various prompts. 

MacBook Pro - 22.png
MacBook Pro - 58.jpg

Connect with current student page

On the current student page, the current students will publish topics that future student can chat with them through video/ voice call/ remote campus tour. After the prospective students select topic and mode, the website will suggest possible topics and prompts for the prospective students to talk to current students. Once the appointment is accepted by current students,  the prospective students will receive notifications from the Wechat mini program. 

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Cultural probe

The future students can start a prompt to invite current students to post. When adding a prompt, the current student can choose prompt format (10-second video, image and text) and make the prompt location based. 

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Cultural probe

Students can view various prompts with various formats. 

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Next Steps

  • Reschedule the interview with person working in the field within this week.  

  • Make Wechat mini program prototype for the current student's end. 

  • Keep iterating on web prototype