Weekly Reflection Post 09/22/2019

What I planned to do

I planned to understand more about the game making process and the software to make games, e.g. Unity. 

What I actually did

I watched some unity tutorials online to get started. Meanwhile, focused more on the game concepts. Several concepts I have right now are: 1) making a simulation game about international students' lives in college. 2) making a survival game that somehow helps people release pressure.(need more research on the topic) 3) making a game which its background story is Chinese methodology to spread cultural awareness.  

What worked well

Finding online tutoriasl and game design books successfully. 

What would you do differently next time

I'm not sure yet. Maybe try to find the problem space first. ​

What freaked me out

Not knowing my problem space/ opportunity area while not knowing how to make a functional game using Unity. At the same time, It was confusing that if a game needs to have a problem to solve since game design's process might be different?

What I plan to do next week

Continue exploring Unity and aiming to make at least 1 simple but functional game following the tutorials.