Weekly Reflection Post 09/29/2019

- What did I plan to do?

Before Friday's class, I planned to watch tutorials and try to experiment with Unity.


- What did I actually do?

For this week, I rethought about my schedule and decided to work on the story and the gameplay mechanism first before the data collecting and Unity experimentation. Therefore, I interviewed 2 people to have a general frame for the story and searched about simulation narrative games in the current market to see what mechanism is approachable. 

- What worked well?

The shift in approach gave me more sense of direction for next steps. 


- What would I do differently next time?

Nothing particular. 


- What excited me?

After starting from the game building aspect, the plan for the next steps seems doable. 


- What I plan to do next week.

I plan to have a flow diagram for the storyline and keep collecting stories to enrich the content of the game.